Silver in Medicine

If you have never considered alternative cures for general everyday ailments now may be the time.

I mean seriously, have you ever watched one of those TV commercials for a new drug that’s being released by a pharmaceutical company? It takes them longer to list the side effects of the drug that it does to talk about the actual benefits. They are of course obligated by law to list all of the side effects or they probably never would.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not hey basher of all things Pharma, I think that painkillers are probably my favorite big Pharma creation because, let’s face it, some days I wouldn’t be able to get through the workday within a couple of Advil or Tylenol. And when I can’t breathe that night due to some nasty cold that I’ve picked up a good shot of Otrivin cannot be beaten.

So I reiterate, I am not a big Pharma basher in general. I just like to put things in their perspective. I don’t think we should be reaching four pills for every little ailment.

One of my favorite alternative medicines is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has a very interesting history since it was also a favorite of doctors back around the hundred to 150 years ago. Back then it was called Quicksilver. Silver is a well-known antibacterial and is actually used in his nanoparticle form today as an antibacterial in sports clothing. As an antibacterial, it was used for a whole host of different cures in a bygone era. Being a called quick silver back in the day, this is where the term “ quack” that is used as a derogatory against certain medical practitioners and their practices.

When allopathic medicine started to come on the scene the purveyors of that type of medical practice started calling holistic medicine practitioners “quacks”. Again, a derivative of “quick”.

Colloidal silver it’s probably best to use internally as a cure for stomach ailments. I have found that whenever I have some sort of stomach ailment that it comes in handy as opposed to taking Tums or some other over-the-counter stomach cure product. Most over the cure stomach ailment products are not really very healthy for you when you start digging into the way they functioning the body. Is the us creating a new permanent subclass ?

Tums, for example, is supposed to help with indigestion. In fact, it may relieve some of the symptoms temporarily, but like most medications including over-the-counter varieties, it simply masks the real problem. The real problem with indigestion is a lack of proper stomach acids and do not have an excess. If you have a lack of stomach acids should you really be taking something that isn’t anti-acid? I think not. You would be better off to take a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar instead.

I have actually tried this experiment on a friend of mine who was a chronic “ take a whole roll of Tums at a time” type of guy. I persuaded him to try the vinegar instead against his will of course. I badgered him until he conceded to try it because he knew I wouldn’t let up until he did.  Of course, I was right and it did cure his indigestion and removed that nasty grimace from his face as well.

Five minutes later he has this calm serene come over his disposition. Once I noticed this I said, “ stomach feels better doesn’t it”?  He was stunned!

Don’t be afraid to try something new holistic medicine department. The majority of the treatments can do very little harm if misapplied and do a tremendous amount a good if I applied in the right context.

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